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I dropped a teaser about this a few weeks ago, so now it's time I finally came clean with all the details. Since that time, a number of folks at Winnebago's Grand National Rally, and on the Lake Superior Adventure have seen Lance in action, so some of this has already leaked out. That's OK ...

David Butcher: Pedal Power Generator - DIY Plans

Every morning, I ride my Pedal Generator to generate electricity. The Pedal Generator I built and ride charges batteries, that run an inverter to produce 110v AC, that powers LED lights, the monitor on my computer, my cell phones, and charges my Roomba, my eGo Electric Moped, as well as many other battery-powered things.

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802.11a/g/agn/ac multiple relay hop platform hi-mobile backup functions. Outdoor WiFi MIMO Wireless Base Station . Data Sheet Download. Smart City -- "Smart Street Light Operation System" Street Light Power Supply And Wireless Transmission System and Network Management System Design

Generac 8kva Gas Standby Generator | My Generator

Hi Matt - The generator utilises an Automatic Transfer Switch (an additional accessory) which detects a power outage, it then safely switches off your mains power and starts the gas powered (LPG or Natural Gas) internal combustion engine which generates mains equivalent power for your house.

Build Your Own Smart LED Street Lamp -

After deliberating for a while, I finally decided to install my own street light on the path leading to my home. A lamppost is actually already there but with a small fluorescent bulb that burned out four years ago.

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Electric power transmission is the bulk movement of electrical energy from a generating site, such as a power plant, to an electrical substation.The interconnected lines which facilitate this movement are known as a transmission network.

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SRP will review the application package for completeness. If additional information is needed, SRP will notify the applicant. SRP's approval of the complete application typically occurs within seven to 10 business days following receipt of the application.

Sine Wave Generator Circuit -

Now is the right time to make some key design conclusions regarding the power inverter stage. Yes, you can make a power inverter circuit that uses Arduino to generate the PWM signals and readily available N-channel MOSFETs — with some (optional) simple circuit protection and load sensing, of course.

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Electronic Projects mostly associated with solar power. With these requirements in mind, and some others, I decided on a variation of National Semiconductors "Micro Wire"(TM).

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The do-it-yourself (DIY) craze is hardly crazy when one considers the mind-boggling cost savings resulting from this trend nationwide. In fact, many people wouldn't call it a trend at all, merely a return to the practical know-how of yesteryear when people simply had to do it themselves and took great pride in their handiwork!