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Solar-powered hydrogen fuels a step closer Bath UK (SPX) May 09, 2019 A cheaper, cleaner and more sustainable way of making hydrogen fuel from water using sunlight is step closer thanks to new research from the University of Bath's Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies.

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Solar Wind Energy Tower Inc. Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. engages in the provision of wind turbine technology services. It offers Solar Wind Downdraft Tower, a hybrid solar-wind technology.

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Mainstream technologies. Many industrialized nations have installed significant solar power capacity into their grids to supplement or provide an alternative to conventional energy sources while an increasing number of less developed nations have turned to solar to reduce dependence on expensive imported fuels (see solar power by country).

3 Top Stocks in Solar Energy -- The Motley Fool

First Solar. The most stable company in solar today is First Solar, whose thin-film solar panels likely won't be subject to tariffs if President Trump implements them on solar imports.

3 Top Renewable Energy Stocks to Watch -- The Motley Fool

This wind-focused yieldco, solar panel maker, and solar electronics component company look like appealing renewable energy stocks to put on your watchlist.

The 3 Best Renewable Energy Stocks to Buy Today

Clean energy offers investors the rare opportunity to get in early on a major new trend. To help you make the most money, we're giving you three of the best renewable energy stocks to buy today ...

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Research highlights Replacing world energy with wind, water, and sun (WWS) reduces world power demand 30%. WWS for world requires only 0.41% and 0.51% more world land for footprint and spacing, respectively. Practical to provide 100% new energy with WWS by 2030 and replace existing energy by 2050.

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Solar-energy stocks got off to a strong start in 2019. Through March 28, the Invesco Solar ETF (NYSEMKT: TAN), which comprises 22 different companies across the solar industry, is up 24.5%, with a ...

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Energy Information Administration - EIA - Official Energy Statistics from the U.S. Government

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Solar energy is a growing industry with opportunities for investors—here are five top performing solar stocks for January 2019.